we interviewed graduates of Toolbox, then we though about a concept that will serve their impressions of the Toolbox program. after a little brainstorming we came up with the idea to apply the image of swimmers practicing the variety sports of swimming as the metaphor for the development of the students to become professional freelancers.

Toolbox is intended to audience of animators and designer. so it was important for the client to have a well designed animation video that will promote the enrollment to the new cycle of Toolbox.

me and Ron Levin are graduates of Toolbox as well. so it was easy for us to be identified to the clients needs and to serve (happily) the Toolbox ideas with this animation.

it was a fun project to create!

here are some images from the process:

We had a different concept at the beginning - that the client did not approve. but we all love Ron Levin's beautiful choice of colors!
Then we submitted a new idea to the client. they loved it:

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