Fuelled by delusions of grandeur Matt and Bird disguise themselves as humans and break out of the zoo to chase their dreams, only to learn that it's not so easy being human.
my role - 2d animation supervisor of 18 team members + Production consultant.
Plonter Animation Studio​​​​​​​
Scene Peek
Full Credits:
Production Company: Zapruder Films
Animation Production: Plonter Animation Studio
Animation Supervisor and Pipeline Consultant: Yali Herbet
Senior Breakdown Artist: Netta Lahav
Breakdown Artists: Alon Richter, Gal Haklay
Clean-up and Inbetween Artists: Ity Natan, Anan Gibson, Tamar Dadon-Raveh, Tali Genshaft, Shacham Rubin, Nadav Yitzhak Paniri, Lior Aviram, Oded Hesseg, Raz Sonnenfeld, Alex Blau, Aya Honig, Yael Meder, Keren Or Zelingher
Color Artists: Einat Keshet, Ann Bitan, Leanna Berkovitch
Production Assistants: Renen Adar, Leanna Berkovitch
Executive Producer: Matt Johnson, Jay McCarrol, Matthew Miller
Producer: Trever Stewart


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