Hey there! My name is Yali herbet, I am a Senior 2D Animator,
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Morning Scribbles (Boker Sketchers)
Boker sketchers is a community doodling session,
After waking up, we ignite the day with inspiration and creativity. Each session features a different topic, as well as warm-up exercises to release the hand and the mind.
the goal is to set aside self-criticism and observe our current abilities, with acceptance and playfulness.
The sessions Occur on zoom, every tuesday morning 8:00 (israel time)
TOHU Animation Collective
since 2021, I am a member in Tohu Animation Collective, located in Jerusalem, Israel.
Tohu is a framework for collaboration and support, and a connection to the community around us.
We are currently 8 members. Since our establishment we help each other grow our individual goals in animation, filmmaking, art and entertainment.  Locally, we've made an impact with dozens of cultural events, group exhibitions and community activities.
Volunteer Producer at LoopdeLoop events in Israel:
Since 2015, me and my friends (Yoav Shtibelman and Gal Haklay) are the initiators of Loopdeloop Events in Israel.
Loopdeloop Israel FB page​​​​​​​
Moonfash - Israeli Animation Magazine
Volunteer Content Editor
Together with 3 friends (Chen Heifetz, Daniella Koffler, Tal Kantor) we wrote articles about Israeli Animation & worldwide inspirations. we also create events and curate exhibitions! check it out here- Moonfash​​​​​​​
My articles at Moonfash (in hebrew):
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