Research and Mood boards collected from both animation films and live action films:
We borrowed an old Volvo car for reference pictures and videos.
then, we made research of different camera angles and began to draw some storyboard thumbnails. 
Talented co-director, Lee Dror , designed the characters, car surroundings and props. then we made a color board to test the scale of colors during the changing atmosphere and time between each scene.
Animation process - references+rough sketches+clean up:
For the world outside the car, we made a decision to use live footage- for efficiency purposes.
Mirrors had audiences around the globe in festivals. It made us very proud!

Winner - Best Animation Short, Student Cuts, Slovenia 2016
SORSICORTI , Italy 2016
Special Mention -STIFF Student Int. Film Festival, Croatia 2016
Special Mention - Promofest Short of the Year, Madrid 2016

Festivals Selection:
Stuttgart ITFS trickfilm animation festival April 2016
Anifilm, czech republic, May 2016
Krok Animation Festival, Russia 2016
Next 10th International -Film Festival, April 2016, Bucharest, Romania
SEHSÜCHTE- 45th International, Student Film FestivalCortocircuito - Savigliano Film Festival
Asif Animation Festival Tel Aviv 2015
Haifa International Film Festival 2015
Balkanima- Belgrade Animation Festival , Serbia, October 2015
International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films, Warsaw, Poland, October 2015
Delhi Short International Film Festival, India, November 2015
AS Film Festival, Rome, Italy, November 2015
International Jewish Film Festival , Jerusalem, Israel, December, 2015
Singapore World Film Festival, Singapore December 2015
Seville Animalada Animation Festival, Spain, December 2015
Miami Jewish Film Festival, Miami, January, 2016
GSF- global short films AWARDS , New York, April 2016
Toronto animation film festival, april 2016, canada
8th CMS International Children’s Film Festival April, 2016, Lucknow, India.
NUFF- Nordic International Film Festival, June 2016, Norway
Animex Awards England, January, 2016
Porto7- Portugal ,2016
Womanimation , Providence, USA 2016
OpenEyes Marburg, Germany 2016
ARS Independent, Poland 2016
Cebu Film Festival, Philippines 2016
Euganea Film Festival, Italy 2016
8 Picknic Film Festival, Spain 2016
FEAR NO FILM, Utah 2016
INSOMNIA , Russia 2016
Manchester Animation Film Festival, 2017
Cardiff Animation Festival, England, 2017
File Festival, Brazil, 2017
Israeli Short Film Festival, Beer Sheva, 2018
Fantoche filmbus, Switzerland 2018

Articles and Reviews:
IMDB (eng)
Kurzfilm Blog (german)

More Making ofs:

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