Making of's:
Sketches | Storyboard | Art
Animation Process:
we decided to model the whale in 3D and animate it in extreme camera angles
 then we traced it in 2D
Yali Herbet and Tal Kantor

Festival Screenings:
EcoCinema, Tel Aviv
Promo at Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival 
Sixty Seconds Festival, WA DC 
Kinolit Film Festival, Russia
London Shows International Film Festival, London
International Green Culture Festival "Green Fest" , Belgrade
Leeds International Film Festival- Arctic Encounters Short Film Competition, England
Ephemeral Film Festival , USA
Goldensun - Short Film Festival 
EcoCup, Russia
FICMA - International Environmental Film Festival , Barcelona 
Filminute- One Minute Film Festival 
New York Film Week, NY

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