Dead End (2019) - Kan Web Series
In a post-apocalyptic Jerusalem, two teenage siblings bicker their way through what's left of the city in search of their little brother whom they lost in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. They find that despite everything literally going up in smoke, nothing had really changed.​​​​​​​

My role in this Production was: Compositing Editor, After Effects.
Creator and Director | Nir Berger
Art Director | Inbal Ochyon
Animation Director | Yael Ozsinay
Soundtrack Design and Recording | Ori Kadishay, HaMazkeka Studios
Original Score | Nami Melumad
Storyboard | Ofir Sasson
Animation | Guy Shahaf, Netta Lahav, Shuli Tager, Gal Haklay,
Liron Narunsky, Yael Ozsinay
Layout and Backgrounds Design | Inbal Ochyon, Rotem Bloch,
Netta Lahav, Guy Shahaf
Compositing | Yali Herbet

The Legends of King Solomon (2017)
Director: Albert Hanan Kaminsky

Israeli Animation Feature Production that took place in Jerusalem.
My role in this production was "Animation Assistant"- during the course of one year I was responsible for the inbetween, clean up, coloring, shadings and highlights.
Hebrew making of - (see me speaking about shading at min 11:07)
Example scene that I worked on showing the process - from clean up to final result
Cellcom TV Israel
America (2017)
Director: Nadav Arbel

America is an Israeli short animation film (20 minute). My role was Head of Characters coloring.
"America" was touring around the world in Festivals. 
Sneak Peak Scene:
see more about America - here
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