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Animator - Where is Anne Frank - 2D Animation Feature Production by Ari Foleman
Kan Web Series - Dead End (2019)
In a post-apocalyptic Jerusalem, two teenage siblings bicker their way through what's left of the city in search of their little brother whom they lost in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. They find that despite everything literally going up in smoke, nothing had really changed.​​​​​​​

My role in this Production was: Compositing Editor, After Effects.
Creator and Director | Nir Berger
Art Director | Inbal Ochyon
Animation Director | Yael Ozsinay
Soundtrack Design and Recording | Ori Kadishay, HaMazkeka Studios
Original Score | Nami Melumad
Storyboard | Ofir Sasson
Animation | Guy Shahaf, Netta Lahav, Shuli Tager, Gal Haklay,
Liron Narunsky, Yael Ozsinay
Layout and Backgrounds Design | Inbal Ochyon, Rotem Bloch,
Netta Lahav, Guy Shahaf
Compositing | Yali Herbet

The Legends of King Solomon (2017)
Director: Albert Hanan Kaminsky

Israeli Animation Feature Production that took place in Jerusalem.
My role in this production was "Animation Assistant"- during the course of one year I was responsible for the inbetween, clean up, coloring, shadings and highlights.
Hebrew making of - (see me speaking about shading at min 11:07)
Example scene that I worked on showing the process - from clean up to final result
America (2017)
Director: Nadav Arbel

America is an Israeli short animation film (20 minute). My role was Head of Characters coloring.
"America" is touring around the world in Festivals. Therefore it is not online yet.
Sneak Peak Scene:
see more about America - here
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